How can you earn money with youtube?

Youtube marketing

How to earn Money from Youtube By Creating Videos. Learn Youtube Master SEO Course From Digitalsiddhu Academy.

Learn How To Earn Money From Youtube.Youtube’s main source of revenue is advertising also we can earn from our monthly youtube subscription bussiness such as youtube premium.

Firstly you should eligible for YPP program.

So,If you want earn money from youtube follow these steps :

1)   Create A Youtube Channel

2) Start Making Videos That Content Should Belongs To You.

3) Don’t Post or upload Others Videos And Content In Your Channel.

4) Don’t Use Copyrighted Music Instead You Can Add Copyrighte Free Music

5) You Channel Should Meet 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Watch Hours In 12 Months

6) After Completing These Parameters,Enable Your Channel For Monetization

7) Connect Your Channel To An AdSense Account

8) Apply For YPP Program,Take A Minute to get To Know The Kind Of  Videos You Can Monetize.

9) In order to Get Paid By Money From youtube, Atleast You Need To Reach $100

 Create Sponsored Content : 

If You Can Offer A Brand or Products A Large Engaged Audience,So That Content Should Be Relevant Their Business Market.
-> Find A Brand To Get Partner With And Make a Deal.


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